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“Short-term assistance is provided in Hungary, but there are no programs for long-term integration.”

Klára, HR manager of a medium-sized Hungarian company


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“We believe that many people who had an office job in Ukraine now have to take up physical work in Hungary.”

Dávid, social worker at an NGO


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“I cannot work because I have to stay home with my child. I cannot enroll her in kindergarten because I cannot afford the interpreter who could help with the enrollment process.”

Natasha, Ukrainian refugee

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I can imagine myself staying in Hungary for longer and I would be open to taking part in an upskilling course since without that I don’t have a bright future here.” 

Olga, Ukrainian refugee

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“I don’t know what kind of jobs would be suitable for me and I don’t feel confident enough to apply to office jobs.”

Tatjana, Ukrainian refugee