For companies & NGOs

Why to be a partner?

  • you can help refugees
  • you can practice your social responsibility
  • you will have access to motivated workforce

If you would like to participate in the program as a contributing organization, please contact us on the following address:

It is possible to join the program in one of the following roles. Please also indicate the chosen role in your letter:

Client Sourcing

Immigration support

Job matching

Adult education



Introducing the Career Development Program to the target group and the contributor’s own clientele. Searching for refugees to participate in the Career Development Program.

Informing refugees about the appropriate legal form of residence and employment. Helping refugees during the application process.

Matching refugees with suitable job opportunities. Preparing companies to employ refugees.

Providing free-of-charge or discounted participation in language courses or adult education for refugees.

Providing long-term accommodation, finding available rental properties, providing financial support for initial accommodation-related expenses.

Providing childcare services and placement of refugee children at educational institutions.